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SIYASEBENZA SIYABONGA is a customer driven company, taking pride in building partnerships & Business relationships through the provision of logistics and supply chain services to clients, active in the flooring sector with a national distribution footprint. This paves the way for a national distribution network that is already efficient in the provision of distribution services on a daily basis. By building relationship, Siyasebenza Siyabonga improves its understanding of clients’ needs and adapts operations to provide the highest standard of service. Through constant change and adaptation, efficient implementation of adequate technology and tools, logistics services are supplied with the aim to build partnerships that will last.

Siyasebenza Siyabonga provides services to independent customers, either linked to the flooring trade or in markets requiring the same network for services. As long as the client requires logistics, distribution / transportation or warehousing services, Siyasebenza Siyabonga can supply it!

Siyasebenza Siyabonga strives to provide the highest quality services and where other types of services are required, alternatives will be provided. Warehousing services and storage functions are provided where we will handle and / or distribute products through the provision of logistics services to ensure efficient handling and delivery of products.

The aim is to expand our service offering to include more than just transport, providing a one stop logistics solution for clients who require such type of commitment.

Siyasebenza Siyabonga provides a depot to door service within a National distribution network from the producer to the client’s customer. This is limited to the client’s customer only and not the final consumer.

Warehousing services are only available in the Gauteng region, but distribution of products will be handled nationally. Siyasebenza Siyabonga’s facility in Wadeville is conveniently located to allow great access to main routes, also being close to residential areas.

As this is the origin for our distribution network for Gauteng, it provides a great setting to reach most of our clients with ease and in short distance, reducing the time it takes to complete deliveries.

Siyasebenza Siyabonga strives to provide its best and earnest service, with personal attention and commitment at all times.

Siyasebenza Siyabonga - “We work, we are grateful”.

With this dictum in mind, we strive to provide a service offering which will enhance the purchasing and service experience of each and every customer. Each interaction should not just be to reach customer expectations, but to exceed customer excellence.

Siyasebenza Siyabonga believes that:

“In God is our Strength, we’ll work each day in Faith, by His grace for His Glory!”


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